Meet Guru

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Guru is a 10-year old boy living in a leprosy community in India whose brain, through complications at birth, did not develop properly.

As a result, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and is unable to speak or move his body, and because of the difficulties at birth, lives in a certain state of trauma that causes him to hyperventilate during waking hours, not be able to eat food (he is sustained by a little juice and milk per day), and he must have somebody in his presence constantly, otherwise he is prone to seizure-like fits.

That position on the floor you Guru in in the above photo, is the position he stays in for just about every hour of every day. He’s not really able to go outdoors much because his mom can’t carry him due to an operation she had, and he just slumps over in wheelchairs due to his inability to hold himself upright. Sores, even, have formed from laying on his back so much.

It’s a tough situation and one that moved me when I first met Guru and his family. 

Guru is going to be a focus for me over the next few months as I work with the Gandhi Leprosy Seva Sangh. Out of everybody I met when I went door-to-door meeting the community residents, he was the one I saw who was in the highest state of need. 

Guru’s mom has agreed to let me treat him with Jin Shin Jyutsu twice a day for as long as is necessary. I do not expect to see much reversal related to his mental handicap, this is something I believe he will have to live with. However, I do expect to see changes with the traumatic symptoms he's exhibiting.

Maybe as the trauma releases and he feels more trusting of the world and OK in his body, some quality of life adjustments can be made, such as introducing education, being able to accept food, and sit upright.

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