Playground Construction Journey

Miss the previous update about my work at the Gandhi Leprosy Seva Sangh? Read it here.

In lieu of detailed blog updating about this project, which was really warranted given the scope of it, I put together this video slideshow that shows the 8-month construction journey of our children's playground inside of the leprosy community from start to finish.

My thanks to the many, many volunteers who worked really hard to bring this incredible project to life.

Update: Unfortunately, the playground was not cared for as much as we would have wanted it to be, which is usually the challenge with these kinds of projects in slum environments. Though still used frequently, the conditions of the grounds deteriorated after I left the community. Trash piled up. Some of the equipment broke. The fence started falling apart.

Thankfully, however, in 2013 the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (city government) got involved and renovated the entire playground, fixing everything that had broken. They repainted all the equipment and added a fresh layer of sand to the grounds, which has brought the playground back to its original conidtion.

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