They said Kenyans are friendly people but to this extent? It all started at Simba Restaurant at the Nairobi Intl. Airport — a nice man on my Johannesburg flight explained how most people waiting at the airport frequent the place.

I had about 6 hours to wait for Sonali and Sehba to arrive from LA and Hamburg, at which time I planned to study and prepare for the week ahead. Well, things didn't go as planned. To my fortune, I met a few amazing people like Ghalib, Asu and Shadrack. 

Ghalib — a gentle-soul and a gentle-man. As if it was his home, he and Noor ji extended the invitation to share a glass of tea. After finding out about the purpose of my trip, he was naturally concerned about my accommodations and safety within Kenya.

And through conversation, we confirmed, the world is small — that we were all somehow connected. Call it serendipity or kismet, it was a blessing to meet Ghalib. And somehow in my heart, I feel we will meet again, somewhere, somehow. 

After Ghalib and Noor ji left, along came Asu. A simple and petite Bolivian woman, Asu was also waiting for a few friends to arrive, but her's from Tanzania. She met them while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and she had set her sights on Mount Kenya next. Asu had an old soul, it's as if we were friends in the past life. 

Last but definitely not least, there was Shadrack. WOW... could his smile be any brighter? Shadrack works at the Simba Restaurant, but that day he worked my heart. As people came and left, Shadrack continued to wait on me... and, at the end, he kindly and so eloquently asked for my contact information.

The next day, he called simply to assure I was OK. Truly a living smile. 

And that was day 1, Kenya...