How and Why Are You?

These words are following in my heart and bears as my first impression of the Kenyan children.

The minute I stepped out of the plane, I was breathing the African air, watching the harmonious people who were willing to help me from the first moment on.

After meeting Chris and Jared I felt that these beautiful souls were more amazing than I realized via web sites or blogs. To welcome us to their country, Jared gifted us traditional colorful tribal Masai cotton sarongs — they were so vibrant.

Arriving in the thick of night, to our home within the slums, I notice there was not electricity, barely any water, yet a serene bed with crisp white sheets, showered with paper flowers. We slept deeply, like babies accompanied to the soothing drops of Mother Nature’s rain.

After our breakfast the next morning, we headed to our first project. The hardship within the Kitui Ndogo slum was far more shocking than imagined, and we instantly saw how necessary this cause was. I felt really proud to see this come to life, which was done by my brothers, Chris, Jared and Co.

Within the slum, we were welcomed with warm, open arms by the local people. The children were screaming and running towards us with joy: “How are you, why are you?” Their smiles, big light-filled eyes and joy filled my heart. In that moment, I suddenly realized we did what was right in deciding to come to Kenya.

Perhaps our help is a drop in the ocean, but with every drop one can fill an ocean. Humanity grows. These people need help!

We met Grace, a wonderful lady, who is sacrificing so much of her life for these children. She gave up her comfy life to teach the children without any profit. All the teachers here are volunteers and they want to give these children a solid education, which they realize is a key for success.