"Hakuna Matata"

This is a Swahili phrase for “no worries.” The past few days I have begun to treasure the inspiring phrases of the Kenyan people, “God is good, “ “be happy,” “Asanti Sana.” All this positive energy, amidst extreme poverty.

Are we Westerners, including myself, truly grateful? Do we count our blessings? Do we love from the bottom of our hearts? Do we appreciate our surroundings or is everything too normal and banal? How often do we stop to look up at the sky? Do we still believe in nature’s power?  Have we lost a spiritual connection to a power greater than ourselves?

All these questions are answered here, by the mesmerizing smile of a Kenyan child. It is simply answered by love and a measure of peace.

We have experienced so much out here, in so many different ways, so many notions and intentions. What is the meaning of volunteerism or helping another?  For instance, I admire my cousin Eli, who tries to think and help rationally, motivated by long-term results.

With her own budget, she purchased sewing machines to give Kenyan women work. This will raise their income-level and garner self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Her beautiful soul and sharpness will be a new Aga Khan for the world and hopefully also for our homeland.

And there’s my other beautiful soul sister, Sonali, who always inspires me with her richness of heart, which carries love. Peace. Now these days you won’t find this kind of giving people. I always followed her activities, how she helped people out even in the US with local projects: Sava Café, free food for homeless people, coming together spreading love, to express that we are truly one. She is my Mother Theresa and my hope is that her ideology will take over as a message for the world.

And then there's Chris, with his beautiful, soft presence - filled with Mahatma Gandhi's soul. He has given up his Western life, with the mission to give the Kenyan people a peaceful world, filled with love. I watched as the local people looked up to Chris and learned the most delicate of life's lessons. He truly teaches and uplifts the community to respect nature and each other. His love for nature truly inspires me.

Tomorrow we get the opportunity to truly smell & touch the real earth of Mother Africa. We head to Kisii – A farming village 6 hours outside of Nairobi.