Life is a Gift

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The understanding that "lift is a gift" is a Brosis School value and was the subject of a weekly lesson of mine with the student body, which like the Service to Humanity lesson, was particularly powerful and warranted coverage here.

Give the Gift Forward

The crux of the lesson dealt with the question: How do you receive the gift of life? If, indeed, life is a gift and a gift is something given to you out of love for who you are.

Do you lead a life of crime? Do you go around harming others? Do you disrespect your body and environment? Do you stop caring? As people tend to do in slums.

The students all responded "No!" as these questions made their way through the Swahili transition, courtesy of Headmaster Abel.

So how do you honor and respect the gift of life?

I introduced this concept: you give it forward.

By serving others. By serving your community. By caring deeply. By pursuing your dream. All values we have been covering throughout the course of the year, even during our beautification and clean up project.

As a homework assignment to support the concept, I asked each student to write a letter to their parents to explain how they feel their life is a gift and give examples of how they will give that gift forward. Here were two of the more powerful letters from Phillip and Ochien, both written in English.

Dear Parents,

My aim writing this letter is to thank you my parents for the love you gave to me since I was born. I know how to write and read.

Although thanks does not help anymore, the best thing to do is to give it forward and share my gift with other people.

You, my parents, gave me food, shelter, clothes and educated me. You took me to school. You have served me with everything I need. I know one day I will help others as you helped me and I will help you too.

When I grow up, I want to be a pilot. I want to serve both rich and poor. You always teach me to say the truth. Without honesty, you are useless.

You taught me to go to church. I promise that when I grow up, I will do the same thing you did to me. I will never hate anybody because everybody was born and nobody came in the world without a mother or parents.

You gave love to me without any complaint and I will give it to anybody without complaint too. You did a hard work so that I can be satisfied and not to steal. There is no time you left me without eating.

I always thank God for giving me such good parents like you. God bless you and give you strength to work.

Thank you my parents.

Dear Mum,

Life is a gift that God gave it to parents and thereafter gave it to us. I always thank God for my parents. You carried me in your womb for 9 months and you gave birth to me, you breastfeed me.

When I am sick you always take me to the hospital. I always pray to God to bless you much for taking care of me. You always give me clothes, food, and shelter.

Everyday I always thank for my mum because in the morning she always prepares tea and bread for me. She always washes my clothes and pays my school fees. When I cry, she comforts me. I always feel bad when I see my parent struggling to better my future.

I say it is better to give it forward and share my blessings with others.


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