My Life Depends on Honesty

I said those exact words out loud to my mother the other day as we were driving down the Taconic State Parkway in upstate New York.

It's interesting saying things you've never said before and realizing in the moment you hear yourself, how true what you said is.

It's an important point for artists of various forms, I think. When sharing with staff at the Omega Institute this week, I was asked on more than one occasion my advice for sustaining a service lifestyle, where needs of a larger purpose come before your own.

My answer was "commitment." Committing 100% to the path — all in — is probably the most important part. That burdens the universe, Nature, etc. with your care. You then find resources responding to your lifestyle in just the right amount, at just the right time, and sometimes a super abundance (e.g., on my return from Africa, after two years in the field, I was given a free business class upgrade).

Honesty or integrity, though, is another key ingredient, just as important as commitment.

Your heart needs to be in the right place and you need to treat your freedom with responsibility.

If you start cajoling and manipulating events, start seeking for personal gain, name, fame, or profit—you're telling the world you're in control and you know what's best. The world says, "OK, you do it" and then the effortless magic may stop flowing the way it once did.

Are we going to be the instrument?

Or, the doer?

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