A Prayer to be of Service

I no longer consider it a given that I'm fed 3x a day.

Have good clothes.

Have more than enough money to get by.

A computer to write on.

Healthy body.

A safe place to sleep.

Clean environment.

Loving family.

Ability to pursue and live my dreams.

And on and on.

Given I — we — have brothers and sisters with far less, with grave challenges, there can be only one purpose for my relative abundance.

To be healthy and strong enough to give back and help uplift others in a constructive, effective way.

You can't feel comfortable with your comfort, when we know there are some eating leaves for supper, hiding in caves for their life, watching their children die of starvation.

May every atom of my body, every moment of my life be for the service of the world. In forms large and small.

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