First Students Graduate from Malezi

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On November 25, our Malezi School graduated its first (since the opening and relaunch in January) group of pre-schoolers who will now proceed into primary school!

It's a big deal. Teacher and Headmistress, Grace Kavoi, started Malezi out of her home in 1998 with just two students, with a mission of serving children from the slum who were not going to school. Now, 16 years later, she oversees the education of 145 students in a professional, two-story centre that has become a platform of community transformation.

For years, she has toiled to recruit more students and engage her community in this way, having to — one-by-one —convince uneducated, poor parents of the value of education and making better choices in life. Imagine having a conversation with a single mother with several kids who resorts to prostitution, about becoming more involved in the community and life of her child.

Grace has been successful in her efforts because of her dedication, courage, and sincerity. It's next to impossible to not be inspired by her and want to follow her lead.

Those children you see above are receiving a gift kids in this community haven't received in its 50-year history. Every day, they are cared for by loving teachers and volunteers, encouraged, and given a basic education, which will serve them for their entire life.

It's a beautiful story and one I'm honored, privileged, and touched to be involved with.

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