Umoja Diaries Pt. 1.5: Quick Check Ins

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During my trip to the village last month, I took the opportunity to sit with three individuals who are closely connected to the Umoja Centre. I asked each how they were feeling about the project now that we are moving towards making it a reality, after several years of talk and planning.

First up, my dear friend and project partner, Jared Akama Ondieki.

Next, we have Erastus Ombati, who will likely be the Programs Coordinator or Manager at the center. He has been working with the neediest orphan children in the area for years with incredible love and commitment.

And finally, Zephania Machane, who is Jared's uncle and the one selling us the land to build the center on. Land in this village, as it turns out, is hard to come by because so much of it is occupied and the value continues to increase year-after-year. Zephania believes in our mission and said that offering us his land (at a discount) was his form of a donation.

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